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    Internet Explore 7



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    Internet Explore 8
    what news in internet explore 8?

    Get things done without navigating to other websites
    Accelerators: Now you can get more tasks done, more quickly on the web. Accelerators provide instant access to information like maps, web searches, translation, email, blogging, and more. Simply highlight a word or phrase on a page and discover a faster way to get the information you need.

    Web Slices: Web Slices put you in control of the information you care about most. Now you can subscribe to specific content within a page and monitor things like auction items, sports scores, entertainment columns, weather reports, and more. Add a Web Slice to your Favorites bar and the information you care about will automatically be delivered to you.

    Visual Search: Search is one of the most frequent and important things you do online. The new Internet Explorer 8 Search Box takes results to a whole new level by adding graphics and images to enrich your search.

    Suggested Sites: If you love that site, try this one. That's the idea behind Internet Explorer 8's new Suggested Sites feature. At your request, Internet Explorer 8 can use your browsing history to suggest other sites you may like or find useful. It's another way that Internet Explorer 8 helps you utilize the web to its full potential.
    Faster, Easier

    Browse and get things done quicker than ever.

    Improved Performance: Right from the start you'll notice that pages open and load faster than ever. And, with powerful new features like Accelerators and Web Slices, Internet Explorer 8 gives you the ability to get more done in less time.

    Improved Search: When searching for information online it's critical that you get the best results possible. With Internet Explorer 8, search also includes results from your local history and suggestions from your favorite search provider.

    Smart Address Bar: Internet Explorer 8 helps you find where you want to go as you type the address of your desired website. By using Windows Search for faster performance and a richer return of information, the Smart Address Bar offers useful suggestions from your browsing history, favorites, and feeds. Type single words into the Smart Address Bar, and they will be matched to simple domain names, making web surfing fast and efficient.

    Find on Page: Searching for a keyword or phrase on a webpage is easier than ever. The Internet Explorer 8 Find on Page search feature highlights each instance of the keyword or phrase you’re looking for quick and easy discovery on a text-heavy page.

    New Tab Features: Tabbed browsing in Internet Explorer 8 just keeps getting better. The New Tab page loads quickly and lets you engage with a host of new features, such as opening previously closed tabs, or beginning an InPrivate session.

    Tab Grouping: Tab Grouping makes it easier to stay organized while browsing multiple webpages. Tabs that are related now have the same visual representation and you can save time by closing a set of related tabs as a group instead of one at a time. You also can right-click on a tab to close tab groups, ungroup a single tab, or clone a tab.

    Improved Zoom: With enhanced resolution and readability, Zoom allows for automatic scaling of a page's content while maintaining the site's intended layout. You can read very large or very small pages more clearly without having to scroll back and forth.

    Peace of Mind
    Stay more secure and browse with confidence

    Privacy: With industry-leading security features like InPrivate, you can browse and shop confidently using Internet Explorer 8, wherever you go on the web, knowing you have control over the protection of your personal information.
    Learn more about Privacy

    Compatibility View: Now you can easily display websites that were designed for older browsers. Simply press the Compatibility View button if you see display problems on a website like misaligned text, images, or text boxes.

    Automatic Crash Recovery: Website crashes are now isolated to individual tabs rather than entire browser windows, meaning when a site crashes on one tab, you don't lose the rest. Internet Explorer 8 will automatically recover the lost tab once it has identified the problem. You can surf with peace of mind knowing that Internet Explorer 8 is the most reliable version of Internet Explorer available.


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