View Full Version : Tracing Shadow (追影) [China] - 2009

06-20-2010, 11:36 AM

Country: China
Production Company: Huayi Brothers/ Taihe Film Investment Co. Ltd.
Genre: Action/ Adventure/ Comedy
Director: Francis Ng/ Marco Mak
Starring: Francis Ng, Jaycee Chan, Pace Wu, Xie Na, Dang Hao Han, Wang Bao Qiang
Length: 87 mins
Date of release: 30th July, 2009


It is the beginning of the end for the Ming Dynasty, and the Manchuria kingdom located in the north begins to create trouble. However, the situation in Beijing looks peaceful and prosperous where five ninja fighters are coming to the city and fight ruthlessly for a mysterious precious map called Bao Map.

Ye He Zhang Kung (Francis Ng) and Ming Yue Xin (Pace Wu) arrive at the city with different purposes. The foreign fighters later make their way into a small town but suddenly the map disappears. As a foreigner Zhang Kung and Yue Xin decide to disguise themselves as couple and stay in a small inn and pay their daily accommodation fee to the innkeeper and owner, Xu San Guan (Jaycee Chan). They decide not to reveal their real identity for the sake of their own security.

However, San Guan likes the couple’s adopted goddaughter, Tang Wei (Xie Na). Meanwhile town master Gu Yue Jin (Dang Hao Han) falls in love with Yue Xin. The situation in the peaceful town suddenly turns chaotic when the Bao Map appears and the fighters are fighting all their way to get the map once again. Who will get the Bao Map? Will Yue Jin and Yue Xin get married and what is the fate of the foreign fighters?