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Emerald on the Roof (Traditional Chinese: 屋頂上的綠寶石; Simplified Chinese: 屋顶上的绿宝石 ; pinyin: Wu Ding Shang De Lu Bao Shi ) is a Chinese and Taiwanese romance television series starring Wallace Huo, Sun Li, Yvonne Yao, George Hu and Jia Nai Liang. This thirty episode romantic series is followed closely to the classical Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet and features places such as the Hainan Island & Shanghai in China and London & Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Title: Emerald On The Roof
Genre: Romance, Drama
Directed: by Wang Zi Ming
Starring: Wallace Huo, Sun Li, Yvonne Yao
Country of origin: Taiwan
No. of Episodes: 30
Running time: 45 mins (per episode)
Broadcast period: 2006 - 2007

Main Cast:

Wallace Huo as Zhou Nian Zhong/周念中 
Sun Li as Mo Jia Qi/莫家绮
George Hu as Nie Kai/聂凯
Yvonne Yao as Ling Pei Yu/凌佩妤 
Jia Nai Liang as Tang Shi Jie/唐世杰 
Zhang Guoli as Tang Qi Shan/唐起山
Zhang Tielin as Ling Xin Fu/凌信夫 
Liu Xue Hua as Liang Rui/梁蕊
Bai Bing Bing as Fang Min/方敏 
Bai Xue as He Qing Zhu/何庆珠 
Zhang Yi Sheng as Pang Xian/螃蟹
Wu Qian Qian as Zhou Bi Xia/周碧霞

Plot summary:

"During which part of our life did we miss the chance of our love?"
Nian Zhong, during his teens, meets Jia Qi by accident and falls in love with her. Jia Qi, having the same feelings, plays a trick by putting one of her emerald nacklaces into Nian Zhong's pocket. She believes that as long as she has the other pair of it and the other one kept with him, they will be forever in love, as told by her father before he died. The only reason why Nian Zhong couldn't admit his feelings for her is because his best friend, Nie Kai first liked her. Soon after, his mother dies and is forced to leave Hainan for Shanghai. Jia Qi is left heartbroken, assuming Nian Zhong never loved her.
Years have passed and fate, yet again brings them together. Nian Zhong and Jia Qi meet in the midst of the crowded streets of London. Both with congested feelings, unable to confess with each other, one is hurt and the other is regret. Nian Zhong tries to make up with her, and soon confesses his love for her. Jia Qi unhesitantly accepts his love. But their love didn't last long. There was this day in Nian Zhong's memory when he waited for her all night, until the next day, the following day and she never appeared again. Nian Zhong finds out about Jia Qi's death in a car accident afterwards.
Another number of years have passed, Nian Zhong goes back to Hainan, takes a position in a Hotel, and has now a fiance with him. But fate's miserable tricks have yet, come again into action, Jia Qi appears and now in a wheelchair, unable to walk. Jia Qi and her mother were both bound to leave London that time, they were forced to leave due to gambling debts her mother have gotten in the past months.
Jia Qi refused to ride the plane and ran to see Nian Zhong. On her way to him, the taxi she was riding crashed. Nian Zhong who still loves Jia Qi, breaks off his wedding and runs back to her. Jia Qi, although reluctant, accepts him once again. Their parents and Nian Zhong's fiancé soon also learn to accept them. Right when everything is fine and they are about to be married, another tragedy strikes.
-Jia Qi turns back to see the bustling scene in Hainan's airport once more, in her heart, she knows how much she loves Nian Zhong.
- Nian Zhong walks along the shore and reminisce their past memories together, he brings out a necklace with an emerald on it off his pocket and smiles.

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Câu chuyện sao mà éo le thế này. Nhiều lúc nói giỡn với mấy người trong nhà bộ cuộc đời chưa đủ éo le và chua cay hay sao mà xem mấy loại phim này. :lol:

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Cái gọi là lãng mạn đó .... câu chuyện lãng mạn thì cần phải có nước mắt chứ, nếu không thì khán giả sẽ thất vọng lắm . tpk còn nhớ khi nhỏ đi xem phim Cô Gái Bán Hoa (của Nhật hay Đại Hàn gì đó) cả rạp khóc xướt mướt . Bộ phim đầy ấn tượng, nhưng bây giờ đừng hỏi tpk nội dung ra sao, không nhớ gì hết, chỉ còn chút ấn tượng là con bé gái bị mù, mồ côi tội nghiệp ....sau cùng là đi hoa .vậy thôi

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Đời nhiều lãng mạn lắm rồi, không dám xem thêm. :g: