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06-08-2010, 03:27 PM
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Main Characters :
Tao Hong, Sohn Ji-Hoon, Lee Yeon-Soo

Phim dạng: DVD RIP
Phim dai : 26 Tap
Link size : 440 MO
Host : Megaupload
Long Tieng : US

Plain grew up in Korea, his mother had passed away from her aunt and grandfather all impressed by the description : For their own personal one, the abandoned son -Merry Widow. ??Plain suppressed melancholy character, but now he is the sole successor as South Korea AP Group. Lim is preparing for the Group of the family and married the daughter of Miss Lin Mei-ji. Set in the wedding, the mother alive Plain learned the news of the sudden, he came to China in disregard of Yanji. tracing the journey of this exotic trip.

The Llily is an outstanding dancers. She knew the ankle injury which left him unable to continue dancing at the same time he received the news of the death of his mother. She returned home dejected disproportionately hard hit, so Lily and her mother's sauce on the plains meet the Tang Museum.

Jinlong is a true music lover, as music to life. He and his girlfriend neighborhood in love with Lily's sister but is not very harmonious relationship. However, it all changed because of the arrival of the plain.

Plain understand Lily, Ryushichi born of a mother later Longfengtai. He did not Jiedilia to indicate their status, but they secretly observed. Lily and from the words and savor my mother Ryushichi all. Plain and Lily live in the knowledge of the day, a good impression on him gradually.

Plain and Lily in Long live the seven days, and slowly finding my mother's life debris. In a series on the mother's understanding of the story, he not only understood the mother, mother's character was deeply touched. .Meanwhile, Plain and Lily, but we do not know how to face the feelings until fiancee meiji surprise visit All this becomes more complicated.

Finally, Lily and Ryushichi know the truth. Ryushichi sudden and sad truth so that when Lily, also common for them to have such a great and extraordinary mother proud. In kinship, love, cause life before Plain, Lily and Long made the final seven in their mothers seem happy enough to make the choice. .