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Four Women Conflict

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Product Title: Four Women Conflict (DVD) (End) (US Version) 天地不容 (DVD) (完) ( 美國版) 天地不容 (DVD) (完) ( 美国版) Four Women Conflict (DVD) (End) (US Version) Four Women Conflict (DVD) (End) (US Version)
Also known as: 鎖清秋 锁清秋
Artist Name(s): Ady An (Actor) | Annie Yi (Actor) | Michelle Yim (Actor) | Rain Li (Actor) | Qiao Zhen Yu (Actor) | He Cheng Ming (Actor) | Zhao Zi Qi (Actor) | Feng Shao Feng (Actor) | Deng Jia Jia (Actor) 安以軒 (Actor) | 伊能靜 (Actor) | 米雪 (Actor) | 李彩華 (又名: 李彩樺) (Actor) | 喬振宇 (Actor) | 何晟銘 (Actor) | 趙子琪 (Actor) | 馮紹峰 (Actor) | 鄧家佳 (Actor) 安以轩 (Actor) | 伊能静 (Actor) | 米雪 (Actor) | 李彩华 (又名: 李彩桦) (Actor) | 乔振宇 (Actor) | 何晟铭 (Actor) | 赵子琪 (Actor) | 冯绍峰 (Actor) | 邓家佳 (Actor) 安以軒 (アン・イーシュアン) (Actor) | 伊能静 (Actor) | 米雪 (ミシェール・イム) (Actor) | 李彩樺(レイン・リー) (Actor) | Qiao Zhen Yu (Actor) | He Cheng Ming (Actor) | Zhao Zi Qi (Actor) | Feng Shao Feng (Actor) | Deng Jia Jia (Actor) Ady An (Actor) | Annie Yi (Actor) | Michelle Yim (Actor) | Rain Li (Actor) | Qiao Zhen Yu (Actor) | He Cheng Ming (Actor) | Zhao Zi Qi (Actor) | Feng Shao Feng (Actor) | Deng Jia Jia (Actor)

Release Date: 2009-08-18
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Country of Origin: Hong Kong
Duration: 1,470 (mins)
Publisher: Tai Seng Video (US)

Taiwanese star Audrey An stars in this sweeping mini-series. Lan-yin is an orphan adopted by a rich family who has been harshly treated by her ruthless stepmother. With the help of her loyal servant, Lan-yin to marry a rascal Luk. As Lan-yin lingers in marriage hell, she meets and falls in love with Sun. Will she be able to escape her sufferings for good and live happily ever after with the man she truly loves?

Four Women Conflict depicts the misery of women in the old times through the intertwined lives and romances of four women and the men around them. Set in the late Qing Dynasty China, the story follows the ill-fated Du Lanyan (Ady An) as she grows up under the mistreatment of her ruthless stepmother. After escaping from the family with the help of her loyal servant Leng Yun (He Chengming), Lanyan ends up as a maid in Zhou Shian's house. Jealous of Lanyan's beauty, Zhou's wife Li Yue'e (Annie Yi) forces her to marry scum Lu Xiaoda (Guo Mingxiang). But the amorous Zhou still can't forget Lanyan, and he plots to ____ her on her wedding night...

The story starts with a young girl; Du Lan Yen, who after mourning after her beloved father's death was forced out of her luxurious life by her ruthless and cruel stepmother who intends to sell her off to a brothel. She was locked in the stables until the arranged date to send her to prostitution when she was rescued by a young servant boy who was also her childhood friend, Leng Yun.
In the bid to make the escape, Leng Yun held himself back to prevent the stepmother from pursuing her, while urging Lan Yen to run for her life during the blazing fire which they accidentally set during their escapade.

Fast forward to the future, Du Lan Yen has now grown up to be a young lady serving as a maid in the house of Zhou. She is the favorite maid cum assistant of the mistress, Mrs Zhou, maiden name Li Yue Er (Annie Yi) who dotes on her. This invoked the jealousy of another maid, Kuang Chun Ni (Deng Jia Jia) who plots to get rid of her, by spreading rumors of her to the mistress.
At the same time, Master Zhou Si An had his eyes set on Du Lan Yen who brushed off his advances but stirred suspicion and jealousy in his wife.
Mrs Zhou, then decided to marry Lan Yen off to a poor cosmetics seller, Lu Da You (Wilson Guo) who fell in love at first sight with Du Lan Yen at the temple when she was with her best friend, Su Xin He (Li Fei Er).

Lan Yen refused to marry Lu Da You; however, despite her struggle, Mrs Zhou forced her into the marriage. Zhou Shi An, knowing his wife's intentions still could not get over Lan Yen and plots to find his way to ____ Lan Yen..........

Overall, it was a well-developed story and I find myself feeling the emotions experienced by most of the characters here. It was also a colorful and dramatic plot; and do watch it with an open heart; without any high expectations as this is after all, a usual soap opera type of drama.
Furthermore, this is all focused on the women and for the first time, the men are the accompanying characters

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