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Episode: 25
Casting: Steven Ma, Chan Kam Hung, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Yueh Hua, Chan Sau Chu, Lau Tan, Chu Wai Man

Executive Producer: Leung Choi Yuen Scriptwriter: Ng Siu Tong Sit Ka Wah

PO CHUNG-LING (Steven Ma) was born in Jinan a family of New Year print. He is very bright, his father, PO POON (Yueh Hua), has therefore always hoped that he could one day carry on the family business. LING, mistakenly thinks that POON is working in collusion with some corrupt officials, refuses to listen to what his father says. His good friend, KO JIT (Chan Kam Hung), is a constable and he hates corrupt officials as much as LING does. Rumor has it that a fox spirit is creating troubles in Jinan. LING is almost killed when he is investigating into the matter with JIT. Fortunately, a mysterious girl named LING WU SIU-TSUI (Fala Chen) comes to his rescue in the nick of time. It turns out later that she is the fox spirit, and that she saves LING so as to return a past favor. As they spend more and more time together, TSUI starts to fall for LING.

The PO family has secured a large order of New Year print. To ensure the work can be finished in time they have to hire a large numbers of female workers. LAU SUM-YU (Linda Chung) applies for the job, but her real intention is to look for the man who was unfaithful to her sister, never knowing that she would later be caught in a love triangle with LING and JIT…

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The series is inspired by the famous cycle of Chinese love folktales "聊齋" (Ghost Story), with the protagonist in the series being the author of the stories, who would be later inspired to write them based on his own encounters with the supernatural.


Po family
Cast Role Description
Elliot Yue - Po Poon - 蒲槃 Age 60 Po Chung-Ling's father, good friends with Yuk Sing, Siu Tsui's life saver
Rachel Kan Tung Wai-yan - 董慧欣 Po Chung-ling's mother
Rebecca Chan Yip Wing-Han - 葉詠嫻 Pu Chung-ling's stepmother
Steven Ma Po Chung-Ling - 蒲松齡 Age 27, Po Poon's son, Love Triangle with Sum Yu and Siu Tsui ,Bak Ling's younger brother
Mo Hoi-him Po Hok-ling - 蒲鶴齡 Pu Chung-ling's stepbrother
Ruco Chan Po Bak-Ling - 蒲柏齡 Age 30, Chung ling's cousin, Po Poon's nephew
Queenie Chu Leung Pik-yuk - 梁碧玉 Po Bak-ling's wife
Kong Wing-fai Tung Chi-ming - 董自鳴 Tung Wai-yan's brother
Rain Lau Chu Po-yin - 朱寶燕 Tung Chi-ming's wife

Ko family
Bak Yan Song Ho - 宋好 Ko Jit's mother
Sunny Chan Ko Jit - 高喆 Age 32, Soldier, Crush on Sum-Yu, Chung Ling's good friend

Lau family
Elaine Yiu Lau Sum-Yin - 柳心妍 Age 28, Sum Yu's older sister, Chui Jung Man's lover
Linda Chung Lau Sum-Yu - 柳心如 Age 22, Love Triangle with Chung Ling and Siu Tsui, Sum Yin's little sister

Ling Wu family
Law Lok-lam Ling Wu Gat-Cheung - 令狐吉祥 Age 68, Siu Tsui's grandfather
Fala Chen Ling Wu Siu-Tsui - 令狐小翠 Age 21, fox spirit, love Triangle with Chung Ling and Sum Yu

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