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03-07-2009, 07:30 PM
RealPlayer 11 gives you the ability to download videos from thousands of Web sites with just one click, and now you can even burn them to CD. Watch them whenever and wherever you want. Download Internet videos with one click, build your own video library and playlists, or burn your favorite videos to CD or DVD with RealPlayer. RealPlayer plays all major audio and video formats.


Support: Window XP, window vista


RealPlayer 11 (http://ppd-files.download.com/sd/VLsH7lIjP-sa0TZCV_V5xNF8G7m-mGx8OyV7QYtzH-AykzjE0hgCFPdjbt3rzgAT6sKBCHxscgCS2bptnoyte4X65hQxTh93/software/10782379/10073040/3/RealPlayer11GOLD.exe?lop=link&ptype=1901&ontid=13632&siteId=4&edId=3&spi=b2747ac34a48cac49e84f4f0da9c7127&pid=10782379&psid=10073040)

source: downloads.com